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Dedicated Infrastructure

Our solution offers single point connectivity, reconciliation and control minimizing the costs of adhering to many different reporting regimes simultaneously.

End-to-end EMIR compliance

Our service offers swift setup and reporting of all derivative transactions in accordance with the ESMA specifications under EMIR (positions, collateral and valuation) for all asset classes and with the Trade Repository of your choice.

Cost Effective solution

Truly supporting the One Platform One Solution motto, our platform can reduce your reporting costs and infrastructure requirements.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our services offer a global reporting platform designed to be customized capturing all current and future reporting obligations, across regulatory and jurisdictional boundaries achieving complete regulatory compliance through a single solution.

Real-time reporting

Going beyond compliance we offer effective real-time reporting for EMIR, faster than T+1 as per the requirement similar to the practices enforced within the Dodd-Frank Act and other reporting standards.

Intuitive Dashboard

Track and monitor the status your EMIR reporting on a 24/7 basis, respond to feedback reports, search past submissions as well as export data from a single point of reference.

Supporting all reporting models

From single side to full delegation our platform is designed to be customized to the needs of the customer and its counterparties.

Auxiliary Services

Via Treppides Regulatory Reporting you can perform auditing, health checks and reconciliations to your existing reporting infrastructure.

Strategic partnerships

Via our strategic partnerships which include market data providers, trade repositories and integration experts we guarantee accurate and detailed reporting.

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